Fishing management fee

Fishing management fee is a tax-like fee payable to the State if a person between 18 and 64 years of age practises fishing other than angling or jigging. The fee must also be paid when fishing in one's own waters.

Fishing management fee need not be paid for assisting persons (such as rowers) who do not handle the fishing gear during fishing.

Fishing management fee need not be paid for fishing in Åland.

Payment is made to bank account FI47 5000 0121 5028 42. The recipient is the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Fishing management fee may be paid for a calendar year or seven days.

The fee for the calendar year is 24 euros and it is valid until 31 December. The seven-day fee is 7 euros and it is valid for seven days from the date of payment or other date given in the receipt.

Fishing management fee is personal and it must be paid before fishing is started. The fisher must have proof of the payment and, if requested, present this to an authority or other person who supervises fishing. The proof may be a receipt, fishing card or bank statement.

About a third of the funds collected as fishing management fees are used directly for the management of fish populations, while certain other activities funded from these promote the population management indirectly. Today these funds are being used for increasingly diverse purposes, including support for the activity of fisheries organisations and fishing districts. However, the funds may not be used to support the national fisheries administration.

Updated 13.12.2013

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