Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is the supreme authority in hunting and game management issues. In this role the Ministry is responsible for the preparation of the hunting legislation, decides the maximum limits for the hunting of certain game animals and issues various kinds of orders and instructions.

Natural Resources Department

The mission of the Natural Resources Department is to ensure the conditions for fisheries, game management and reindeer husbandry by regulating the diversified use of the natural resources on which they are founded.

Unit for Recreational Use of Nature

The mission of the Unit for Recreational Use of Nature is to ensure and improve the conditions for hunting and reindeer herding and promote game management and the marketing of reindeer meat. The Unit also deals with issues under the Act on Subsistence Industries.

Hunters' organisations

Apart from the State authorities, hunting and game issues are managed by the Hunters' Central Organisation, game management districts and game management associations, which constitute the statutory organisation for hunting.

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