Adaptation to the climate change

Finland’s National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change

Proactive measures to cope with climate change

Climate change adaptation involves efforts by humans and the nature to adjust to and prepare for the ongoing or expected climatic changes. Adaptation measures may aim to minimise damages or take advantage of benefits. They may be anticipatory, provisionally planned, or reactive.

Climate change can no longer be prevented, because the effects of any international agreements restricting greenhouse gas emissions will only begin to become evident in actual climatic trends in the latter part of the 21st century. This is why adaptation is now considered equally important to mitigation efforts in climate policies.

The evaluation and revision of the strategy

The National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change was adopted in 2005. The first evaluation report on the implementation of the strategy was published in 2009. A broader evaluation was conducted in 2013 to assess the progress in adaptation as well as to give feedback and recommendation for the revision of the strategy.

The revision of the adaptation strategy, The National Adaptation Plan for Climate Change 2022, will be published in the end of 2014.

The National Adaptation Strategy 2005

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for the coordination of climate change adaptation at the national level. Finland has been a pioneer in the implementation of climate policies. The National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change has been an independent element of the wider National Energy and Climate Strategies.

The aim of this adaptation strategy is to build up Finland’s capacity to adapt to climate change and reduce the costs to the society where possible. The strategy describes the impacts of climate change and potential adaptation measures for each sector for a period extending until 2080. Measures have been outlined for 15 sectors.

The most important measures to be taken by 2015 are:

  • the integration of climate change adaptation into routine planning, implementation and development processes
  • preparations for extreme events and assessments of the impacts of climate change incorporated into the planning of long-term investments
  • improvement and establishment of existing and new observation and warning systems
  • implementation of the Climate Change Adaptation Research Programme 2006-2010 (ISTO)
  • preparations for forthcoming changes in the international operating environment.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry prepares for climate change with its Adaptation Action Plan

The Action Plan for the Adaptation to Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 2011-2015 - Security of supply, sustainable competitiveness and risk management was published in spring 2011. It aims to mainstream adaptation in the administrative sector of the Ministry and bring the measures presented both in Finland's National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and sectoral strategies to the concrete, practical level.

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