Climate Change Adaptation Research Programme (ISTO)

Finland’s Climate Change Adaptation Research Programme (ISTO) was launched as a part of the implementation of the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change, aiming to produce information that will facilitate the planning of practical adaptation measures.

Financing for the five-year research programme (2006-2010) was obtained from various sources. Studies have been carried out under the supervision of various institutes by means of project funding from various ministries.

Over the period 2006-2010 funding totalling 0.5 million euros was allocated to 30 research projects. Major funding providers included the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Finnish Environmental Cluster Research Programme of the Ministry of the Environment. Useful information for the purposes of climate change adaptation will also be produced by certain other studies that had already been initiated and financed through other channels.

The Coordination Group for Adaptation to Climate Change steers the ISTO Programme, defines priorities and organises evaluation. The group includes representatives from various ministries, research institutes, research financers and regional actors.

The ISTO Programme was evaluated in 2011.

Further information:
Senior Adviser Ms Jaana Kaipainen
Tel. +358 50 5256273

Updated 25.9.2014

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