Nordic Council of Ministers

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry participates in the work of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Council of Ministers for Fisheries, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Food and Forestry (MR-FJLS).

Finland will chair the Nordic Council of Ministers during 2011. The main theme of Finland’s chairmanship concerns the Nordic region’s active role in combating climate change. In the agricultural sector measures to enhance energy efficiency will particularly be promoted. There will be a Nordic conference on the subject on October 2011. Another conference will be organised under heading "Ny Nordisk Mat - för battre klimat och en rikare måltidsupplevelse" . The Ny Nordisk Mat programme aims to promote responsible and climate-friendly diets, as well as the use of healthy food ingredients produced in the Nordic region.

Further information:
Ms Maija Heinonen, Ministerial adviser
Tel: +358 (0)295 16 2288
Email: forename.surname(at) [maija.heinonen]

Updated 25.11.2010

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