Agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the EU Baltic Sea Strategy

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The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region was adopted in summer 2009. The strategy was prepared by the European Commission on the initiative of the European Council. Finland will be active in the implementation of the strategy and steers four of its priority areas.

The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for priority area 1 concerning agriculture, forestry and fisheries. At the Ministry the process is steered by State Secretary Jouni Lind. The coordination of the fisheries sector is divided between Finland and Sweden.

The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has invited civil servants from different countries to a kick-off meeting in Helsinki on 7-8 October 2009. The aim of the meeting is to specify the key areas for the collaboration. A joint seminar of all the relevant actors, including representatives of various organisations and foundations, will be held in the early part of the year 2010.

Towards profitable, competitive and sustainable natural resource sectors

The Baltic Sea Strategy aims to promote profitable, competitive and sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the Baltic Sea region.

In agriculture the actions focus on nutrients and climate change. The key areas in forestry relate to promoting the use of wood, sustainable forest management and nutrient issues. The themes for the fisheries sector include the sustainable use of fish feed.

The flagship projects of the strategy pave way for the collaboration. The flagship projects proposed so far concern sustainable fisheries, manure treatment technologies, aquaculture and feed and food legislation.

The Baltic Sea Strategy lays the foundation for collaboration among the various actors in the region, taking advantage of the existing processes and networks such as HELCOM and the Nordic Council. The strategy provides the framework for joint projects to seek funding from various sources and to focus actions on the key areas.

Further information at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry:
Jouni Lind, State Secretary, tel. +358 (0)9 160 53323,
(0)50 521 3305
Leena Anttila, Senior Officer, tel. +358 (0)9 160 53404,
(0)40 180 6522

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